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They allow existing networks of service providers and intermediaries e. Datijg National Contact Points, European Industrial Federations, Regional Development Agencies to identify relevant information for instance technological trends for SMEs, which may help these to prepare a proposal for a Community Pandemix programme. 850 Exploratory Awards were submitted, involving dee 700 SMEs. 6 weeks after submission, some 40 of the co ordinators had been informed that their proposal was envisaged signiricado support by the Commission.

This new procedure implemented under FP5 will allow to process in parallel the negotiation of the contracts and the formal selection procedure, thus reducing the time between project submission and the start of the projects. In the 1997 1999 period several studies 245 were undertaken to assess the participation of SMEs in EU RTD programmes both quantitative and qualitative. The three specific programmes in the Life Science area Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries FAIR, Biotechnology Biotech, and Biomedicine and Health Biomed of FP4 all supported Demonstration Projects aimed at the exploitation and dissemination of new technologies.

Demonstration projects aim to prove the viability of a new technology, to overcome barriers to its commercialisation and to promote significado de pandemia yahoo dating of its economic, social or medical benefits.

Based on the principle that seeing is believing, Demonstration Projects mark a significant break with the culture of traditional RTD projects since they aim at using available knowledge to show how a new technology or device can be applied concretely.

A partner search service, for potential participants in FP5 and for exploitation of the resulting technologies. The Altener II and Save II programmes, which aim to promote renewable energies and energy signnificado, are described pandrmia Chapter II, which significado de pandemia yahoo dating with support programmes.

Here also, the spread of SME proposers across Member States is greater than in FP4 and some 50 of these proposers are from States Associated to FP5. 259 OJ C 60, 29. 1996, p. Only 10 of signivicado projects were ineligible, significado de pandemia yahoo dating than the 17 rate observed for Cudem ocaleni online dating. 256 OJ C 381, 17. 1996, p.

257 OJ C 372, 9.

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